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Reddit adds comment search feature while improving search design for the users.


Reddit is adding a comment search feature. Finally, users can get results by searching comments on a Reddit thread.
Reddit threads are known for receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of replies. It’s been challenging for me to access search results within a thread as a user. Reddit has finally made it simple to search for certain terms, phrases, or people and get the results you want.

In a blog post, the company discusses the most recent improvements to search functionality and appearance. The most notable change is the addition of comment searchability. The tool “solves this problem and instantly gives Redditors the opportunity to comment search directly and better refine their searches.”

To use the functionality, users simply go to the ‘Comments’ section on the page. The user can then utilise the search field to enter a phrase, name, or term. Following that, any relevant results appear on the screen.
Reddit polled users in 2021 about search options they’d like to see. The ability to search for comments was one of the most requested features. Reddit tested the feature before releasing it to the general public, and 26,000 people used it.

Reddit is updating the appearance of its search results page on desktop and mobile, in addition to comment searches. The new version features a more straightforward design. Reddit promotes postings over other sorts of information, making it easier to find. According to the firm, the number of people using search functionality increased by 20% in Q1 2022.

Reddit’s search relevance is also a major priority. The core infrastructure is upgraded once more. As a result, Reddit’s matching requirements are less restrictive. In addition, user habits are being used to optimise search results. Finally, through clicks and conversations, Reddit uses “signs” to improve results.

Searching for comments on the desktop is now possible. This functionality, as well as other updates, may now be found by going to the home feed.

source: Reddit

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