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iPhone 13 is available at just 10$ per month! Here’s how you can get an Apple smartphone at an attractive price


The Apple iPhone 13 is one of the world’s best-selling flagship smartphones. The Apple A15 Bionic Chip powers the smartphone, recently launched in Green finishes. The Apple iPhone 13 smartphone, on the other hand, is still expensive due to its high price. Therefore, Verizon is providing a special offer for such users, allowing them to use the phone for only $10. (Rs 760 per month approx.).

Verizon is an American network operator. Customers in the United States and other countries can use the company’s calling and internet services. In addition, it is currently providing a $10 Apple iPhone 13 deal for customers exclusively in the United States.

How to get Apple iPhone 13 at $10 per month? 

Verizon is now promoting an offer that allows users to purchase the iPhone 13 at a discounted price. All you have to do is acquire an Apple iPhone 13 with a Verizon unlimited line for $10 a month.
You’ll have to pay for the plan for 36 months in a row, which means you’ll have to spend a total of $360 over three years for a smartphone that now costs $699 in stores. That does sound like a pretty good deal. If you take advantage of the iPhone 13 deal, you’ll save $339 off the regular price.

The $10 iPhone 13 discount is valid on the model with 128 GB of storage. You will have to spend a little extra every month if you want variations with larger storage.
For example, an iPhone 13 with 256 GB storage will set you back $12.77 per month for 36 months. You can also purchase the 512 GB model for $18.33 per month for 36 months.

To take advantage of the promotion, you do not need to pay a deposit. However, there will be a $35 one-time activation fee. But that’s only Rs 2670 (approx.), and it shouldn’t be an issue given the total package.

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